The A&W Climate Goal Process

One of Food Services' greatest strengths is its Climate.

Over fourty years ago, the first A&W Climate Goals were developed to identify the behaviours critical for the management team to embrace in order for the business to be successful. Today, the Climate Goals identify the key behaviours that Food Services believes will enable it to be successful in achieving its mission “To become #1 with millennial burger lovers, chosen and trusted for truly good food and the convenience they crave”. The A&W Climate Goals and the Climate Building Process which supports them have been extended to A&W restaurants and their team members across Canada. As a result, Food Services believes Climate provides A&W a competitive advantage.

Our Climate Goals

  • Every day I bring my best to my work and my team.
  • I build a safe environment by welcoming, accepting and respecting everyone in our community.
  • We hustle to delight each guest with the convenience they crave.
  • We earn the trust of our guests and each other by always doing what's right.
  • I embrace change and welcome the future with creativity and courage.
  • We work together as partners pursuing common goals and shared success.
  • We listen to understand each other.
  • I invite, share and act on feedback to continuously learn and improve.
  • I recognize, celebrate and take pride in our big and small wins.